THEA, your personal concierge to the World’s 50 Best Restaurants

Admit it: when you travel, most of your itinerary is influenced by food—what the local cuisine is and where to find the most delicious dishes. Now, as valued Globe Platinum customers, imagine having access to exclusive perks to some of the world’s 50 best restaurants without jumping through complicated hoops. These special privileges are at your fingertips when booking your table via THEA, your Platinum Digital Concierge.

THEA is available 24/7 to help you make the most out of your international adventures. Among many other assists she can do, THEA can give you full dining assistance and travel itineraries as you indulge your cravings around the world.

The World’s Best Restaurants: Handpicked Favorites With Exclusive Perks For Globe Platinum Customers

What’s next on the itinerary? Dining reservations, whether in local or international restaurants, when booked via THEA, can fetch some special extras.

Asia’s Melting Pot of Flavors

Get ready for a beautiful fusion of explosive flavors only found at the hotspots of the oriental region. Globe Platinum customers also get to enjoy a wide range of off-the-menu treats.


Le DuContemporary Thai cuisine

Platinum Perk

– Welcome Drink

PotongThai-Chinese Cuisine

Platinum Perk

– Haiboru drinks at Opium Bar

NusaraColorful Thai cuisine

Platinum Perk

– Welcome Drink


ZenNordic-Japanese fare

Platinum Perk

– Priority in reservation

LabyrinthLocal Singaporean produce

Platinum Perk

– A complimentary welcome drink per diner


La Cime French cuisine

Platinum Perk

– Welcome drink per guest ( up to 4 pax )


Tresind Studio Organic Indian cuisine

Platinum Perk

– Glass of wine

European Cuisine: Sustainability on the Table

Globalization has elevated European cuisine, fusing it with international influences and making it more sustainable by using local produce within the localities. Experience these scrumptious delights with on-top treats specially prepared for VIP guests like Globe Platinum customers.


Hisa Franko Local Slovenian produce

Platinum Perk

– Glass of sparkling wine – Kitchen tour


AponienteFresh seafood

Thai-Chinese cuisine

– Special table
– Chef meet-and-greet
– Signed menu


Turk Fatih TutaTurkish cuisine

Platinum Perk

– Choice of house wine
– Private tour of kitchen

North America’s Global Flavors

American food has definitely risen to new heights, harnessing global influences to provide the backbone to an internationally diverse palette. Make the long flight worth it and check out these renowned establishments.


Quintonil Exotic Mexican fare

Platinum Perk

– Welcome by chef
– Kitchen tour

AlcaldeTraditional Mexican cuisine

Platinum perk

– Dessert per table

SUD 777Fine dining with area-sourced ingredients

Platinum Perk

– Chef’s table seats
– Tasting menu with wine pairing


SaisonWood-fired fermented dishes

Platinum perk

– Signature mini course
– Glass of Saison wine
-Signed menu

Single Thread Californian-Japanese cuisine

Platinum perk

– Glass of wine


MaitoFine dining with sustainable Panamanian ingredients

Platinum Perk

– Cocktail of choice

South America’s Flavorful Diversity

Do a deep dive with more cross-continent adventures when you head to South America by trying out the region’s unique tastes. While you’re at it, as Globe Platinum customers, collect wonderful treats to add to your core memories.


LeoCuisine that highlights Colombia’s biodiversity

Platinum perk

– Dessert
– 5% discount on tasting menu


Mayta Contemporary Peruvian cuisine

Platinum perk

– Complimentary Aperitif and souvenir if you take the tasting menu


Borago Indigenous Chilean ingredients

Platinum Perk

– Preferential table choice
– Private tour of CIB Research
– Center for Food


Lasai Organic Brazilian ingredients

Platinum Perk

– Glass of wine

These places are part of The World’s 50 Best Restaurants. As Globe Platinum customers, you can enjoy these delightful off-the-menu treats when you book your table at these select establishments through THEA. You just need to show up, enjoy the perks of your VIP status, and savor your meal.

Aside from your dining needs, THEA can also assist with booking different attractions at your destination countries, creating itineraries, and answering travel questions about roaming and airport lounge details.

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