The Globe Platinum Experience: Art Fair Philippines 2023

Globe Platinum, a dedicated supporter of art and design, consistently innovates in serving customers a multitude of ways to appreciate art, whether in physical or digital form. As the world of art grows, so does Globe Platinum as a constant art companion. This is evident in the recently concluded Art Fair Philippines.

One of Globe Platinum’s most enduring partners is Art Fair Philippines, with a collaboration stemming from 2018. Art Fair Philippines annually hosts two key events that support art projects and rising talents. This organization’s advocacy, after all, is to support artists and conduct multiple projects that work toward art heritage and support of artists’ welfare.

This 2023, Art Fair Philippines made its much awaited comeback to The Link, Makati after years of lockdown restrictions. In true VIP fashion, Globe Platinum customers enjoyed complementary and fast access to the three-day event. All they had to do was flash their PLATINUM signal at the Globe Platinum-dedicated lane. From there, worlds of new art forms opened up to all attendees, with Globe Platinum present on each floor of this transformed space.

Globe Platinum had a special treat to accompany customers on their tour of the venue. Their PLATINUM badge got them a free drink at the Toby’s Estate booth on the fifth floor. The drinks were served at a dedicated bar area for a quick, hassle-free coffee run.

On another floor, Platinum customers were treated to a beautifully monstrous space. Distort Monsters’ visually distinct characters greeted awed visitors, seamlessly integrating into the technology that Globe Platinum champions. From interactive paintings springing out Globe Platinum’s key products—such as Platinum Home Squad, Rewards, GFiber and 5G—to Platinum-exclusive mini-Monsterhead sculptures, the space was converted into a world of monsters. As an additional perk, the PLATINUM signal also unlocked specialty drinks, curated especially by Lotus Gin Room, made using Tanqueray Gin.

Another highlight of the Globe Platinum-Art Fair Philippines collaboration was the opportunity for Globe Platinum customers to acquire digital tokens created by the featured artists of Art FairPH/Digital. This perk was especially aimed at onboarding customers who, until then, had never experienced Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). By trying it out, customers were able to own their very first NFT and delve into the realm of innovative digital art.

Globe Platinum and Art Fair Philippines gave art enthusiasts a levelled up, dynamic taste of the growing art scene of the Philippines. For one weekend, subscribers indulged their senses, ignited their creativity, and embarked on a captivating artistic journey.

Globe Platinum consistently showcases their unwavering commitment to providing unique and enriching experiences for their loyal customers. A merging of technology and art with Art Fair Philippines was just the ticket. And there are lots more in store.

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