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Own Artistic Excellence: Scarletbox Premium Digital Collectible Art:

Manansala x Abad

Product Availability: September 11 – November 30, 2023



National Artist Vicente Manansala’s (1910-1981) works were characterized by bright and bold colors, intricate patterns, and distinct cubist style. He often depicted the everyday life and struggles of Filipinos, particularly those in urban areas. His masterpieces stand alongside the poetic brilliance of Gemino Abad, a literary virtuoso whose words resonate across time.

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Scarletbox Premium Digital Collectible Art: Manansala x Abad

Indulge in culture with Scarletbox’s Premium NFT Collection. Elevate your collection with this exceptional offering, exclusively available to Private Sale collectors and Globe Platinum subscribers. The premium art pieces are thoughtfully crafted based on the top 50 works of Vicente Manansala, meticulously animated, and brought to life through the spoken voice of National Artist Gemino Abad, as he breathes life into his poetry.


Each purchase includes:

  • One of Ones unique Manansala x Abad NFT digital collectible Art (with animation and poetry)
  • Premium Collectible box with a digital frame showcasing the NFT
  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • (1) 12″x16″ Framed print on Giclee paper, signed by the artist’s family (18″x24″ finished size with frame)
  • A special vial token from the artist
  • A set of 12 coasters featuring the works of Manansala and Botong


Limited availability from September 11 – November 30, 2023.


Price of the complete set: Php 89,500.00 


Note: You may purchase up to 2 NFT artworks per artist (total of 4 artworks), just repeat the process per artist.

Gemino “Jimmy” Abad

Gemino “Jimmy” Abad (born 1939), a Philippine National Artist for Literature, is a multi-awarded poet who was appointed University Professor for the University of the Philippines, its highest academic rank. Abad has also been a Fellow at several US universities throughout his teaching career. He continues to write award-winning poetry and guide budding Filipino poets toward their potential.

Carlos “Botong” Francisco

Carlos “Botong” Francisco (1912–1969), a Philippine National Artist for Painting, created detailed and realistic works that depict Filipinos’ daily life, as well as their history. Among his most prominent works is a series of murals entitled Filipino Struggles Through History, which are mounted at the National Museum of Fine Arts.

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Account Number: 001660006858

Delivery Details

Items will be delivered within 2-4 weeks after purchase. Shipping rates start at P350

General FAQs

We will be using the Ethereum blockchain for minting.

Yes, in terms of personal use (like displaying frames at home or at displaying the images on a laptop), but for any commercial use (like reproducing for selling), the Digital Collectible owner needs to ask permission of the artists.

Yes, they will get royalties that are built in the smart contract. This will be activated only if the transfer of ownership happens on Web 3 marketplaces.


The artists’ families have given permission to use the works and to interpret them in new ways to enjoy and experience as Digital Collectibles.

There will be 50 top works per artist included in the collection with 2 to 3 variations per image to create a unique one-of-one per art piece, complete with color changes, animation, music, and spoken poetry of Gemino Abad’s own voice.

The digital frame size is 8.5″ x 6″ and will play the animation of the Digital Collectible with the sound–perfect for display at home or work, or even as a gift so that it can be appreciated by many (instead of being stored in someone’s digital wallet). The size of the signed print on Giclee paper is 12″ x 16″, with the frame, it would be around 18″ x 24″.

Collectible Boxes can be shipped nationwide and worldwide. The boxes are 2kg in weight and cost around $70 – $80 to send to North America, and Php350 for local shipping.

Vicente Manansala (1910-1981) and Carlos “Botong” Francisco (1912-1969) were two master artists who were friends and neighbors in the province of Rizal, Philippines. This collection is a celebration of Philippine art, tradition, history, and the common Filipino. Their works are brought to life by the spoken poetry of Gemino Abad per artwork. We are honored to have these three National Artists take part in this beautiful collection. To learn more about the artists, please go here:


What is the utility of our Digital Collectibles?

Start your own cultural legacy.

  • Artworks that are made by globally renowned artists
  • 15” x 12” framed Giclee paper print with signature from the artist’s family
  • Set of 12 coasters with artworks of Botong and Manansala
  • A special token vial from the artist’s family
  • Chance to win FREE raffled items (Digital Collectible Prints, Digital Collectible Mints, and more!)
  • Early access to upcoming drops featuring blue-chip artists
  • More utilities to be revealed


“Enteng” refers to Vicente Manansala, a National Artist for Visual Arts who was awarded the title in 1981. An artist at heart, Manansala finished his higher education at the U. P. School of Fine Arts.

Enteng is most known for inventing transparent cubism, inspired by Picasso’s very own cubism art style. In his unique style, Enteng made use of the principles of cubism, using geometric shapes to depict his subjects, but did so while masterfully superimposing those shapes to create a unique, almost ethereal essence to his works.

In 2020, Enteng’s Tiangge sold for Php 53 million at a Christie’s auction in Hong Kong.

“Botong” refers to Carlos Francisco, one of Vicente Manansala’s contemporaries and a fellow National Artist for Visual Arts. When he was posthumously awarded in 1973, he became only the second Filipino to receive the distinction, following Fernando Amorsolo himself.

Botong Francisco is remembered for being a prolific and highly talented muralist. If you’ve been to a national government building recently, you may have glimpsed some of his most famous works. He is known for his murals.

In 2015, Botong’s Muslim Betrothal fetched Php 73 million at a Sotheby’s auction in Hong Kong.

Yes, they did! They were friends and neighbors when they lived in Rizal. Being only 2 years apart in age, they were also contemporaries at the U. P. School of Fine Arts.